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ETABLISHED Splendour Corporation Pte Ltd is a major manufacturer of uPVC plastic, pipeline both in Singapore and overseas. Our products are exported to many countries including the Middle East, Asia, and the Asia Pacific regions. We have ample capacity and are able to meet your requirements. We can also supply according to specifications.

Our Products:

Are competitively priced.
Are manufactured in accordance with Singapore, British, Australian as well as Japanese standards.
Passed stringent tests in Singapore and are used in many government projects.
Are manufactured with the most advanced uPVC Injection and Extrusion machine under the
    strict quality control.
Cater to a full range of uses including soil, waste and vent systems, sewers, telecoms, etc.
Are innovatively designed to provide advanced features such as pest control, etc.

We are committed to a positive role in helping to facilitate the principle of "Water For All" and to protect the environment in Singapore. We have come to designing, manufacturing and support a wide range of Plastic Pipe System In uPVC.

High Mechanical strength
Light weight and easy to transport
Save time and easy to handle and install
Expected lifetime of minimum 50 years in normal service
Non conductivity
Non flammable
Chemical Resistance

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